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Langford's Basic Photogaphy - The Guide for Serious Photographers

by Michael Langford, Anna Fox and Richard Sawdon Smith

The 9th Edition of this well-known book on the bacics of Photogaphy.


Quick Guide to Exposure

by Jason D. Little

A guide to the exposure triangle - how the shutter speed, aperture and ISO determine the exposure when you press the shutter button to capture a photograph.


This guide shows you how to master the technique of Exposure Compensation which is used to lighten or darken a photo over the camera's suggested exposure when you are photographing in one of the auto-exposure modes, namely Program, Aperture, and Shutter Priority modes.


In this guide, the author talks about the different metering modes available to you on your camera and when they should be used to get the perfect exposure.


Suir Valley Challenge 2019

prepared by Patty Connor

This is a brief guide to the themes for the 2019 Suir Valley Challenge.  For each of the 8 themes it contains a definition, sample photographs and useful links to further resources on the topic.

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