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Video Tutorials

Exposure Triangle.jpg

A series of short videos explaining the basics of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO


       Dodge and Burn

A very short video showing how to use the Dodge and Burn tools in Adobe Lightroom

oil and water.jpg

         Oil and Water

Follow this video tutorial for tips on creating some amazing fun abstract effects using oil and water.

Camera Focus Modes.jpg

  Camera Focus Modes

Check out how the different auto focus modes on your camera work to produce different photo effects.

Round Library


WCC Club Member Terry Murphy gives us some ideas on how to approach taking photos on the theme of Literature.


 Reading the Histogram

Matt Granger explains how to use your Histogram to check your exposure.

envato tuts logo.JPG

Photography Jumpstart

This is a three-part video tutorial on the basics you need to know when starting out in Photography

water drop.jpg

        Water Droplets

This video tutorial shows you how to create a simple set up to capture high speed water droplet splashes.


       Sports Workflow

WCC Club Member John O'Neill shows the workflow he uses to process his sports images.


Signatures and Sky Replacement

WCC Club Member Terry Murphy shows how to create a signature brush and replace a sky in an image in Photoshop.

tutorial dj.JPG

  Make a Photo Panel

A tutorial showing how to make a photo panel in Photoshop


    Smoke Photography

This video tutorial shows you how to set up and take photographs of smoke.  No two images will ever be the same.



Find out how to take a photo of the rainbow patterns found in stressed plastic when placed between two polarizing filters.

Hand Cream

 Product Photography

WCC Club Member Terry Murphy shows us how to set up and take photos of products.

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