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Crough Wood

7 members travelled to Crough Woods, on the way to Mahon Falls, today Saturday 19th October. It was mostly grey and overcast, with only a small amount of sun early on.  The overcast conditions made photography easier, as it acted like a huge diffuser, with no harsh shadows.  The Mahon River flows through the woods and due to a lot of rain recently, there was a good flow of water.  This made for some lovely slow images of water flowing.  

There was also an amount of fungi present, so for those interested, the macro lenses were dug out.

As cafes are scarce in the area, by lunch time the need for food was urgent.  Accordingly, the cafe in Kilmacthomas was raided for the traditional cake and coffee.

Thanks to Norma as always for organising.

Waterford Walls

On Sunday last, 6th October, 9 members met up in Waterford for an outing to photograph the murals around town that are done as part of the Waterford Walls.

It was a fine, dry, sunny day, ideal for photography.  Our ramble took us from the Tower Hotel up to Mayors Walk, Patrick Street, Jenkins Lane and along O'Connell Street back to the Tower again.

A highlight of the morning was getting permission to photograph St. Patrick's Methodist Church Choir rehearsing after their weekly church service.  Our thanks to the Church for allowing us access.

Tea and cake was in short supply - most unusual - so some members had to head into the Tower for the dinner.

As always, thanks to Norma for organising.

Wexford Vikings

On Saturday last, 28th September, 6 brave members made the long and dangerous trip to take on the Vikings in Wexford.  The Vikings were having a big festival, showcasing their lifestyle, including clothing, food and weapons.

Having arrived in Wexford, it was time for tea and cake.  We then rambled round and befriended the Vikings and admired their displays.  

Having done that, it was time for more nourishment.  The rain came early, so by mid afternoon it was time to head for home.

Many thanks to Norma for organising.

Club Outing to Benvoy

On Wednesday 11th September Norma organised a Club outing to Benvoy for an evening shoot.  In total, 19 members participated and a lovely evening was had by all.  There was a lovely sunset followed by a harvest moon rise over the stacks.  One or two members even stayed on for some astro photography.  Once again a great outing.  Many thanks to Norma for organising and to the many members who made it another successful Club outing.

Wexford Outing

On Wednesday 24th July, 10 members of the Club headed to Wexford for a day trip. It was a lovely sunny day. Having met in Passage East to car pool, we then headed to Kilmokea Gardens near Campile.  As is usually the case, it was necessary to get out the tea before the cameras.  We spent an enjoyable couple of hours in the Gardens. They were in full bloom and well  worth the visit.  Then time for more tea.

Having finished the tea, an unscheduled visit was made to the Barrow Bridge, which was only just down the road. The Barrow Bridge has the distinction of being the longest railway bridge in Ireland.

We then went to the PortLairge, an old dredger that used to work on the River Suir in Waterford.  It is now a derelict hulk near Saltmills.  

From there, we traveled to Hook Head for a couple of hours.  There was a stiff breeze coming in off the sea, which made for interesting movement on the water.

Hunger then kicked in and having returned by ferry to Passage East, a trip was made to Dunmore East for a feed of fish and chips.

As always, many thanks to Norma for organising a great day out.  

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